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Well, what a difficult aim!!

Trying to define myself… Making a personal note is suppossed not to be restricted by any rules. Just you and what you want to express. Why did I get into this thing of defining myself?

But overall, I guess I am basically a black and white boy. An angel and a devil. Heart and mind always is a crusade. I guess, as everybody else, a person of contrasts. My way of being, the things that interest me, my friends…

All in all, a very much varied life. Trying almost everything, living intensely, loving intensely… A dreamers personality with a pragmatical way of behaving. Not that my life is at all interesting but, hey, you got into this page!

If you are still interested, search for the unfinished things. The common patherns. The angel and the devil. And, if throughout this “trip” around my life and my interests you find my essence, let me know. I will be forever grateful.

This is just a humble tribute to all those who make my life, day by day, a little bit happier. They are just small fragments of my life which I have dedicated to the priceless contribution they have made, and still make, to my happiness.

To all of them, thank you.

To my adoptive wife; my endless love; the inevitable smile; my greater knower; my sweet and strange story, a sweet memory, to sweetness (no further words needed), etc…(to be continued).

You all know who you are so, if apparently you are not named here, you can be sure you will.


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