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A Life Less Ordinary

You must have seen tying cattle in countryside. I haven’t seen tying cattle in the ranches – mostly in western movies, cause they have plenty to cater for. But for a small household, it’s pretty normal tying a single cow or a goat as most of the people here living in a countryside can afford to have one or two of these kinds.

What if a human child is tied up with one of the pillar of a polythene wrapped slam house and left alone for all day – mostly unfed? And, how about, if that is a regular practice for months together? Can you blame the single mother when she has to earn her living doing something away from home? What would you expect from the child when he is only three (years old)?

Cry all day?

Why not?

Well, the mother uses her senses better keeping the child tied in the picket outside her stall barn in the slum. At least, the neighborhood can offer some help if something happens to the child.

Today, it must have been a different day.

As I got home little early, I could get to manage only page 5, the “local news” page. The other pages were in discretion of my childrens.

As I’m writing this, I figured I had been holding my son in my lap longer than usual when I fiddle with computer. This hug communicates love without a word.

I couldn’t stop thinking about that other poor child, same age as my loved one – will have to face another cruel day tomorrow.

And, day after …

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