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I think it was 1998, two years after Bangladesh was allowed to have private VSAT in online ISP operation, I was posted to Dhaka. I did use online Internet while I had been on leave in Dhaka from my duty station, Rangpur. While I had a dial-up connectivity back home, I figured sharing a single dial-up connectivity for my office would make sense.

I was funded to join a Linux training in the same year, to facilitate corporate Internet/Intranet in our office. I must salute my visionary commander who spotted my aspiration towards connectivity and drove that to a direction benefiting my organization. Can you guys visualize me talking to my commander about Linux back in 1998!

For the whole month of training, I remember skipping my lunches only to join the gang who loves building connectivity. I still miss those days where I could go on learning nights after nights and yet joining office in time! Though, our trainers started with Redhat and gave some exposure to Slackware, but I preferred the later – it gave me the whole insight! Compiling kernels for network cards and dial-up ppp support were my favourite pass time. Automating tasks were challenging, but UNIX scriptings were lifesaver! Thanks to the training division to deliver all the linux networking “PostScript” documents [Linux Documentation Project, LDP] printed, helped us burning the midnight oil. We had a vast network including dial-up leased lines connecting our area of responsibility. Then I thought of give back time to the country, who has given so much!

Yes, It was published in Computer Tomorrow, a technology magazine, when Linux was getting popular – in phases. Well, you might wonder, what was I doing back in 1998 (to be more specific) on Internet! Surprise, surprise! Please look it up here. I was awestruck too. And, in the year 1996 and beyond? Go figure!

One thing I know for sure, I’m so much in debt to Internet, (how about a sample?), I’ll leave no stone unturned in pursuit of making Internet affordable in Bangladesh. Going forward, I need all your support.

Give something back to the country when it needs the most.

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