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The closing ceremony was spectacular with the end remark by Professor Muhammed Zafar Iqbal. He must have marked that there were only two ladies among the sixty two participants. Right, I had been attending a four days training workshop by APNIC on Internet management and security issues. Missing in action, where are the women? I echoed him. Coming from a background of sysadmin, network designer and security specialist for pioneering the military network, I do have networking with loads of networkers; perhaps two are ladies out of best five I know of. But, in reality things are little different. The women who enter the largely male economics profession, I am aware of the barriers women facing in corporate world. And, yes, women who fight by themselves have a longer mileage.

For instance, my wife who is working as assistant vice president in a bank, equally hard working, manages the whole backoffice operation, endeavours to break the glass ceiling theory, does face intense battle front end, all round. I personally have seen the glass ceiling hypothesis exist with a larger gender wage gap at senior positions of the wage distribution. Much of the time it is observed that, more qualified women may be offered lower wages than men at the equilibrium. This occurs for instance in a competitive model of wage determination where employers assume gender-specific probabilities like … will she able to continue for long or not? As much of an onlooker, I wanted to help my wife resolving issues when she is facing huge wage discrimination with her male colleagues, but she refuges and has urged repeatedly not to intervene … it’s her battle, not mine! I stayed away.

I guess, it was back in 1986, the Wall Street Journal came up with a phrase that has come to symbolize a variety of barriers faced by thousands of women reaching the ladder. As I had discused earlier, the phrase “glass ceiling” represents a variety of inequalities that prevent qualified women from advancing into mid and senior management pyramids. In Bangladesh, acording to Zafarullah, H. (2000), only 5.1 percent of administrative and managerial positions are occupied by women. Should she feel lucky?

Will she be able to pull on, alone?


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I think it was 1998, two years after Bangladesh was allowed to have private VSAT in online ISP operation, I was posted to Dhaka. I did use online Internet while I had been on leave in Dhaka from my duty station, Rangpur. While I had a dial-up connectivity back home, I figured sharing a single dial-up connectivity for my office would make sense.

I was funded to join a Linux training in the same year, to facilitate corporate Internet/Intranet in our office. I must salute my visionary commander who spotted my aspiration towards connectivity and drove that to a direction benefiting my organization. Can you guys visualize me talking to my commander about Linux back in 1998!

For the whole month of training, I remember skipping my lunches only to join the gang who loves building connectivity. I still miss those days where I could go on learning nights after nights and yet joining office in time! Though, our trainers started with Redhat and gave some exposure to Slackware, but I preferred the later – it gave me the whole insight! Compiling kernels for network cards and dial-up ppp support were my favourite pass time. Automating tasks were challenging, but UNIX scriptings were lifesaver! Thanks to the training division to deliver all the linux networking “PostScript” documents [Linux Documentation Project, LDP] printed, helped us burning the midnight oil. We had a vast network including dial-up leased lines connecting our area of responsibility. Then I thought of give back time to the country, who has given so much!

Yes, It was published in Computer Tomorrow, a technology magazine, when Linux was getting popular – in phases. Well, you might wonder, what was I doing back in 1998 (to be more specific) on Internet! Surprise, surprise! Please look it up here. I was awestruck too. And, in the year 1996 and beyond? Go figure!

One thing I know for sure, I’m so much in debt to Internet, (how about a sample?), I’ll leave no stone unturned in pursuit of making Internet affordable in Bangladesh. Going forward, I need all your support.

Give something back to the country when it needs the most.

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She has sweet and s-u-l-t-r-y voice, and who wouldn’t agree to that? Call me insane but Lene Marlin is not just a bubble gum pop – she has depth. With her stunning vocal work she can be anywhere like Dido. I’m also into Dido – she has a great voice but the fact is we are of same age :) Well why would you care?

Lene did all the work for producing this album and here record company did not have anything to add but to send it to media recording directly. I can tell you one thing that Marlin has been incredibly successful not only in her native Norway and most of the part of the Europe – let alone Asia. The best part, I like the way she pronounce everything — listen to “How Would It Be” you would understand.

Eventually, the song titles and lyrics brings out that she has suffered a recently broken heart. So, why do people breakup? Big question! As I remember reading somewhere that — Broken hearts and thwarted dreams are real ambrosia for song writers. It is the fuel that fires the creative process.

That proves when she sings in “I can show you all my scars, you know, the ones I keep inside of me” on I Hope Your Happy, her vocals suppress all kind of emotion. The sound and delivery are as polite and sincere to the greatest extent.

I have some of her music videos from this recent album, it’s like she is back on track. You will love it! Sadly MTV India is more busy with commercial Hindi songs.

As Tony Heywood says in his review that it is much like the endless remakes of Pride and Prejudice where all that changes is the cast, and I understood what he meant.

Some says that she is not beautiful as she appears – but it’s all about inside what it matters.

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