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Oh, you probably won’t remember me
It’s probably ancient history
I’m one of the chosen few
Who went ahead and fell for you …

Watching movies is one of my favourite [I mean it] pass time. Each movie I see (mostly, dramas, romantic comedies … like When Harry met Sally) … that moves me so much, I could never move, just after the end of the movie … specially, when credits are on the run.
Same thing happens when I watch movies in theatre … I tend to seat back watch people leaving seats till the end. Well, I get little annoyed should someone tries to flip the TV channel or run around on the screen. Maybe, I can’t recover(?) or get back to normal state of mind instantly, like others do. You might laugh, what I could figure out …
I really love those soundtracks played while the credits are on. You know what, they are so perfect for that moment. I still can remember watching one of my favourite movie, Bed of Roses for the first time, got stuck with one of it’s soundtrack. You are clever! Yes, it was Insensitive by Jann Arden. So soothing. Usually I don’t tend to miss Mary Stuart Masterson‘s movies. I like her a lot.

The best part is yet to come. When I bought that soundtrack’s CD last to last year, hoping to get that Insensitive track. Surprise, surprise! The song was missing from that cd. I had to buy Jann’s original Living Under June!


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In a Quite Room

But someday, I’m sure, you’re gonna know the cost;
Cause for everything you win, there’s something lost.

Thanks to World Harvest Radio for years of broadcasting those country music awards. Yes, I fell for country music and some of those blue grass when I was in school. But, I never felt like writing a quick thank you note for a QSL card, you know how lazy I am when it comes to writing to some radio stations. It was really awesome catching those distant (from Guam, if I can remember) airwaves from Bangladesh.

Well, as a shortwave listener from my early years, I tend to listen those media news, like launching new radio stations (whether clandestine or whatever), new technologies on satellite radios, and other communication stuffs … specially Media Network from my favourite happy station, Radio Netherlands. And, then I found Dan Seals with Everything that glitters (isn’t gold) on World Harvest Radio. Great song, isn’t that right?

To be true, Dan’s early memories of his grandmother’s stories eventually led to the writing of “Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold). Actually, Dan spent considerable time with his grandparents. Did you hear his acoustic album In a quite room? Lately (not that lately, couple of years back, I suppose) I found Dan on VOA. Small world!

Thanks once again to WHRI for introducing talented people like Alison Krauss too. She has got a great voice. Hope to post something on her soon.

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