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Baba, what has happened to her? Who did this to her?


It took me some thinking. It is hard composing something better for my six years old daughter.

Staring towards my monitor as she continues her quest on knowing about Pinki who happens to be at her age, but has a cleft lip, leaves a devastating impact on her appearance.

I had been on International Documentary Association site last night, and then found a trailer featuring her. I actually like IDA mostly because; they have documentary films’ trailers. These are not movies but the real life portrayed in documentary films.

Who is Pinki? Good question.

pinkiThink of a moment when you have a deformed face and yet you are a child. Your parents look at you with devastated face while bleeding inside. I won’t go in to some crazy ideas on abandoning you. They also try hiding you from curious public places. You are isolated by other children and everyone else in that neighborhood. You can’t attend schools, this can be sometimes life threatening, some people beat you up when they feel that these deformed people have no right to live. You tend to bear a visible stigma, prevents yourself being a part of human society. It’s life of shame and isolation. And lastly, you can’t marry and have a “respectable” job like everybody else.

Once I rescued a boy in Congo, as many people in developing countries think clefts are an evil curse of god. Others have had almost killed him. He, aged ten/twelve seemed like he was embracing the beating as the fault lies with him. I wanted to comfort him, offered some cookies. He left the spot turning down my offer. For a minute, I wanted to feel what it is like being him.

Similar thing happened while I was on duty in some places in my country. The rescued girl, bleeding gave me the expression – life is lot more unfair than saving those stone down pouring over her.

I have had loads of commercials seen in US on joining “Smile Train”, a non-profit organization that does treat these children for free. These surgeries might look costly, but people like you, me and doctors have donated millions of dollars and their time to treat them to smile again.

You might try renting a movie “Smile” where some of the perspectives were portrayed and I promise you’d be better human being.

And, I have two good news.

pinki2One, Pinki, who starred in “Smile Pinki” has traveled all the way to Los Angeles, California, from her small Indian village with her father who once was ashamed of her. The trailer could be found here. This film has been nominated for Oscar.

Two, the volunteers around the world treating cleft lips for free are now in Bangladesh.

Can we become immortal in our deeds? Which of our accomplishments do we think will be most remembered?

Truly speaking, these people don’t want any of these.

Enabling someone to smile through their lifetime might make sense.

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Hide and Runaway

Before the battle starts, any military commander decides to position himself to see how it turns out every second. He has to receive direct information from multiple sources that have views of whole battlefield areas. They do plenty other things like triangulation for selecting the best place for Observation Post (OP).

Let’s not talk about that but triangulation and how it is being used in daily life.

Now, my six years old daughter can track me every minute whenever she wants to. She can actually visualize me moving out of office and all the way to reaching home. She has plenty of time doing that after school. She does make necessary arrangements for tea with the help of maids, minutes before I enter home. Isn’t that sweet? What else do you want from this world?

I’m trying to buy a symbian OS phone for her mother – I could make similar arrangement, as she is back from her office! Me as a homemaker?

Thanks to google’s location based service (LBS) “Latitude” to make dream come true. The best part, my wife doesn’t know about this yet. Well, you must be knowing, when FCC mandated GPS based cell phones in US back in 2001, the husbands knew their time to roam was over!

Actually, here in this country, we loose it on the marriage day!

Come again? You have no right to do that.

My nightmare(?) started when I did download google map in to my blackberry last year. I could see my position only, but google started sharing locations between phone to phone and/or pc this month. It’s creepy, right? It’s fine with me at least, as long as no homing missile is after me!

Get to the point, I hear you saying that.

When latitude (this small piece of software on my blackberry) turns on, it actually tries to reach any available GPS satellite, mobile tower or Wi-Fi access point (AP). The moment it triangulates between three or more links, it shares your location to the rest of the world. Phones like mine don’t have much CPU power to compute this complex issue, it actually sends out locations (raw data) of GrameenPhone’s mobile phone BTSs, (all BTSs have GPS built-in), then google’s assistance server plot that for my daughter on her games pc. Some people might call it to be Assisted GPS or A-GPS.

What those have to do with Bangladeshi landscape? Glad you asked.

In my case, the blackberry is using multiple mobile towers – it actually gets me down to a 100-meter radius. Thanks god, this model didn’t come with GPS, I would be locked down to a location in few meters. Actually, the map of Dhaka is really good; I’m working with the direction thingie, the missing part for a great city like Dhaka! Will you join me?

Finally, am I frightened?

You tell me! It’s “Shock and awe”!!

I read some of the people have lost their jobs, cause they had been found elsewhere! You might keep your phone in your dashboard; it works like vehicle tracking solution, without the triggering part when you are outside of your designated area.

What else they say?

You can run but you can’t hide.

Lets talk about methodologies on information harvesting next week!

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Holding On

“You just don’t get it!”

I must have deserved it. Strictly speaking, I can blow my own trumpet in saying I have been working on pricing principles of TSLRIC, a common form of “Long Run Incremental Cost Modeling” in this weekend. Mostly, every time I try diving deep with that bottom-up and top-down modeling approaches, I feel sleepy. I needed something strong.

Knocked Hridi on her google video chat, she replied very arrogantly.

Have you ever become speechless when things happen and you were not expecting, not ready to hear, and more importantly from a friend which is least unlikely?

I should have replied something, but, actually … I do get things when things are over. I paused for a moment, taken quite by surprise.

Oops, wrong window! She started with apologetic tone. I invaded her time when she and Jonathan were fighting over this video IM. He is still in Adelaide.

WWS*, it happens all the time and yes, I’m the rebound boy.

She seemed cheerful enough, I guess, even after that fight! She and Jonathan got back together last to last month. I didn’t really pay attention to the way she diverted conversation. Actually, I’d forgotten that habit she had of keeping herself away from the world, maybe because I like her being lost.

“Nice write-up on interconnection, I saw it couple of years back, when are you planning on third part?”

I shrugged.

She continues cheering me up, “Just refilled your iTunes account, but – FIRST”, she warns me with her boisterous tone, as usual – “download Jack Ingrams’ one”.

This is it”? I couldn’t resist asking the album name.

Okay, I’m weak. What can I say? But, she knows my melting pot.

“I love Jack Ingram. Don’t ask me, I just do”, I started, but she already left the chat window.

I’ve been following your ghost
Running circles ’round this house
Tripping over memories
Trying to figure things out

It’s been a few years and I miss you still
Get your picture on the window sill
Been thinking of ways, I got days to fill
I don’t think I ever will …

WWS = Wrong Window Syndrome, usually happens with IMs.

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