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Perhaps, it was beginning of 2003 and felt like dying to come home. Six l-o-n-g months in US was surely difficult, when you had left two months daughter back home in Bangladesh. I had to do something right to pass evening time! Then, I thought of indulging myself developing a full-text search engine using MySQL and PHP libraries. That was the point where I actually needed Google’s limited search capability from and within my scripts. And to my utter surprise, the same year, Google opened up it’s core engine for developers using it for every possible imaginable things!  This has been done through Google’s web API. [“API” stands for Application Programming Interface]

This actually means that we all can develop scripts accessing the Google search engine in real-time. At that time, Google had more than 3 billions data indexed. For example, I could query all pages containing “raqueeb hassan”, and output the page-count. You can try every other things.

I could successfully pass the scripting test with this write-up as by product. There was a time, when I tend to write my heart’s out, to share beautiful things as I’m exposed to.

There was a time when I used to code couple of years back and … I still live for those moments when everything falls into place and just works beautifully and I know that I created it.

Here follows one of my write-ups; it was published in Computer Tomorrow by the end of year 2003 or early days of 2004.

Google Web API [Primary]
Google Web API [Mirror]

[Most of my Bangla write-ups were drafted before 2006, I didn’t have much time converting the older fonts to unicode compliance mode, but you can always view this supplied scribd document, fonts are embedded]

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