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Corporate Fax Solution [Bangla]

I guess, it was the year of 1998. I felt like I was falling for some**** but, then I needed to do some extra work to get things out of my head. And, I was just been posted to one of the Brigade Headquarters. Been looking around, I felt that fax communication needed some automation which actually would lead to cost optimization. You need to find some causes to kick start a project.

I appointed myself as “self proclaimed” project manager for all those after office hours. It almost took the two years toll and finally could optimize the fax systems with some of the “commercially off the shelf” items. With some help of scripting languages, those different open source software tools were compiled to make it work.

The by-product?

Another complete solution gets in the series. I finally could publish it in “Computer Tomorrow” at the end of year 2002.

Corporate Fax Solution, Bangla [Primary]

Corporate Fax Solution, Bangla [Mirror]

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RSS Syndication [Bangla]

I do read loads of blog. Then, I started one of my own. [You can even check that in Internet archive wayback machine!] But, reading and keeping tabs of all these blogs can be really messy, if things are not in order. As I wrote this article, it was back in 2003-2004 and professional bloggers had just started generating rss feeds. It is actually a standardized format used to publish frequently updated works, like news sites, blogs and used in every dynamic sites.

I wanted to be on the edge of blogging and started my own rss feed. My staying in Congo was flying ahead of time.

The by product of generating my own script?

As usual, this write-up, as it was published in Computer Tomorrow back in 2003.

RSS Write-up, Bangla [Primary]

RSS Write-up, Bangla [Mirror]

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