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He knows almost immediately she’s who he’s been searching for.

I was talking about this heart wrenching movie, strangely satisfying, the story hurts with the worst and bleeding inside out, making it a uniquely conflicting mix-up.

They say, it wasn’t a love story, true!

And, I say its story about love.

“I think you know it when you feel it” says Tom, in a heart melting scene in the movie. But hey, most of us don’t believe it at all. Perhaps, love is like that largely brilliant conspiracy we are all made to believe.

Most of us never feel what it feels like being there. For some, it’s either obsession or infatuation. But, for rest of us, we are happily married, raise children out of empathy of staying together – never felt true love as described in movies, books and in poems. Companies on greeting cards, movies, music and heart-shaped things (e.g. chocolates …) are making millions – ‘cause it’s rare!

What happens when you are falling for her – in true love?

First, it is eminent that your fear of loosing her doubles your uncertainty being an old you – all at the same moment. You can never go back to that previous state.

By then, things have changed – and you have lost all your self-esteem in life. Years of “there’s no such thing called love” fall flat. The two becomes one. Her being around/talking comforts you, and makes your worries go away, you would spend your lifetime till eternity, talking to her and never get bored. Mostly, everything about her seems perfect (her appearance, what she says, her voice – even the pronunciation skill – that to over phone etc.)

How about couple of emails? She’s way better than grammar girl!

Depends on who you ask. And you know the drill; your sleepless lonely nights have just begun. Most days – you can’t breath and cockroaches walk all over your heart.

The true love hurts. Not all love, but sometimes, when the person doesn’t love you back in return, you don’t know what to do and everything seems to be way out of your league. And even when she loves you back, there’s no certainty her chances of falling out of it even the day next.

The opening credit was little too much for me, who was this “Jenny Beckman”? I googled and it seemed like people have had millions of postings about her whereabouts?

As daily mail writes, it is surely the greatest act of revenge in the history of cinema. When American Scott Neustadter was dumped by an English girl, it not only dented his pride, it also inspired him to write a movie about it – which has become a hit in the U.S.

The writer had two thoughts almost immediately – after meeting this girl of his dream in London’s LSE. The first was like she’s THE one. The second was that this relationship was going to end very, very badly.

Summer seemed to be bohemian, mysterious, distant and pretty casual about life, you’d definitely fall for her. But then, when matters of the heart are involved, the line does need to be drawn somewhere.

Well, antagonist Summers are great for lifetime memories, you know – you need something to cherish [even that was a bad breakup] when you look back! We do love these withdrawn characters – who gets out of our life!

Don’t we? Most of them are forgiven, not forgotten.

And please don’t ask about the hardest part.

Have you ever been on the rebound?

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