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What’s the emergency?
There’s been a suicide.
Who’s the victim?

I am.

What to do when I’m left alone, self proclaimed abandoned and stranded in the middle of weekend but placed home alone. My children are visiting their grandparents and I chose to stay home, writing.

I fired up my word processor – four hours back, the cursor blinked for thousand times. There’s no deadline what I write, carefully planned escaping for ‘Tipping Point’, definitely for a good read. You may all blame it to M***** bhai for letting me to have such a cowardice escape!

Just got in to chapter four, my inner bitch provoked popping a DVD which I perhaps, have seen for couple of times. The morning seemed way better than Malcolm Gladwell, and nobody’s home – how about a good cry?

Some says, ‘Seven Pounds’ does refer to the average weight of all possible donatable human organs. As per the Answers.com, yes – after couple of googling.

Q. Weight of organs that can be donated?

A. Its seven pounds.

But some has also confirmed that the title has connection to Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, in which a debtor [who owes a debt] must pay a pound of flesh in return.

In ‘The Merchant Of Venice’ Act 4, scene 1, [304–307], “a pound of flesh” is a figurative way of referring to a harsh demand or spiteful penalty, consequences of defaulting on a desperate bargain. Here the penalty/consequence was rather that an act of kindness, where this character showed kindness.

I like to look up for the metaphors, not the literal one in most of the movies and especially this one which has a huge impact on me. For the first time, I had to learn that Cardiotoxic [Jellyfish] is more of a toxic thing to the living heart but won’t damage the heart per say.

People think the focus of the movie is about the repayment – the seven favours – the seven lives he saved for the seven lives he took – for his own fault. Some says, there are only seven organs that you can donate from the human body? He even used the ice to protect his organs and instructed his friends to help afterwords in getting the body to the hospital to get the organs out right away.

And perhaps, when someone dies, it has been shown that they immediately loose seven pounds. You may say it’s the weight of the soul, which is all that survived after he gave everything else to others.

I’m still crying. I’m such a suck.

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